I offer psychotherapy to individuals with a variety of presenting symptoms including anxiety, depression, trauma, obsessive compulsive disorder, grief, learning disabilities, disordered eating, in addition to behavioural and adjustment disorders for adults and children.

Trauma is defined as any event that overwhelms your nervous system. Depending on your age and choices at the time, many experiences can be traumatic because they cause similar effects on your nervous system where we feel powerless, overwhelmed, or confused. Many people recover from traumatic events without needing professional support.

However, sometimes, a person may continue to be very distressed by the event(s), even many years later. People may notice that they are “jumpy,” or seem to be ‘on high alert’ all of the time. They may experience upsetting nightmares or flashbacks (feeling like the event is happening ‘right now’ or that vivid memories of the event are occurring and are distressing for the person). They may avoid thinking about certain things, being around certain people or certain places, as a way to avoid reminders of the traumatic event. They may have difficulty remembering parts of the trauma, have unduly negative perceptions of themselves, have a great deal of difficulty experiencing positive emotions, and feel detached or estranged from others. People may also experience changes in their mood (e.g., feel more sad, worried, angry and/or irritable than before), and may have trouble with concentration or difficulties sleeping.


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