Below you will find several different kinds of resources. You can find information on how to access services for urgent mental health situations. You will find recommendations from other clients. My clients have been wonderful teachers, and have taught me a lot about therapy that I could never learn from a book. They have also generously shared with me when they have found books, videos, local resources, apps, and other materials. I am passing them on to you. I cannot vouch for all of them, but each of them were found to be helpful by someone who came to see me. You will also find resources – books, videos, apps, etc., – that I have used and found helpful for clients.

Need Help?

If you need mental health help urgently, here are some options for you: Vancouver Island Crisis Line 1.888.494.3888 250.800.3806 This is a 24-Hour Crisis Line There is a crisis chat nightly from 6 – 10 Crisis Text 6 – 10 Nightly Reasons to call: bullying, issues with drinking or drugs, break-ups, thoughts of suicide,… Continue reading Need Help?

Videos & Apps

There are some great resources online and in the App Store. Many of them can be found in both the GooglePlay or iTunes store. Open up your App Store and search for the following by name. The descriptions are from the app store directly. Relaxation and Meditation Apps Calm Calm is the #1 app for mindfulness… Continue reading Videos & Apps


Books on Parenting Most of the time we want to read books that help us with strategies, ideas and systems that fit within our own family’s personality, vision and rhythm. Here are some of the books that my families have recommended over the years. These books can be found on a variety of online sites (Amazon,… Continue reading Books